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What is Smile Design?

Smile design, in other words, Hollywood smile, is an interdisciplinary application that involves the redesign of dental and gingival aesthetics, which deteriorates for various reasons, taking into account the patient’s lips, chin, face structure and expectations.

The smile design is completely personalized and can respond to many different needs. All problems that disrupt dental aesthetics such as crooked, missing teeth, gum smile, tooth color, gum extraction due to genetic or external factors include the improvement of aesthetics and health in a planned way by using dental technologies and knowledge of different disciplines.

Advantages of Smile Design

Since smile design is a comprehensive and planned application that is completely personalized, it brings many advantages.

Natural Appearance

Since the smile design is planned by considering elements such as the face shape, age, and lip structure of the person, a natural image that is compatible with the person is obtained.

Pre-Treatment Result

At the beginning of the treatment, the whole process is planned and the options suitable for the patient’s expectations are shown to the patient before the treatment. Patient satisfaction is guaranteed by showing results to the patient with both digital and test applications before permanent applications are performed.

Health and Aesthetic Integrity

Since the solution to all the functional and aesthetic problems of the patient is provided within a planned process in the smile design, the patient gets a healthy and aesthetic smile at the end of the treatment.

Who is suitable for the smile design procedure?

All patients who want to have a more aesthetic smile are suitable for smile design treatment. Applications to be included in the treatment vary according to each patient.

What are the Stages of Smile Design?

The first stage of the smile design involves determining the needs and wishes of the patient. Necessary applications are planned after the patient’s oral scanning, taking photos and videos in various positions and measuring them. At this stage, the smile designed for the patient can be digitally shown to the patient and rearranged according to his/her expectations.

In the second stage, necessary treatments are applied in terms of health. Filling and canal treatments, orthodontic treatments if necessary, and gingival treatments are applied at this stage.

Then, in accordance with the needs of the patient, applications such as tooth whitening, implant, laminated or zirconium coating are first tested; then permanent applications are performed and smile design treatment is completed.

Oral and Dental Care After Smile Design

After the smile design, utmost care should be taken for oral and dental hygiene in order to protect the oral health and extend the expected life of the applications. In addition to brushing teeth, the use of floss and mouthwash provides an efficient oral and dental cleaning.

In addition to careful oral and dental care, it is significant to check the dentist every 6 months and to clean the tartar once or twice a year depending on the need.

Is Smile Design Permanent?

Although the permanence of the smile design varies according to the applications, oral, dental care and nutritional habits of the patient, it usually lasts for a lifetime.

Smiling Face After Smile Design


Smile Design Comments

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Smile Aesthetics?
    Smile aesthetics eliminates all defects in the patient's mouth and tooth structure and gives the patient an aesthetic and natural smile.
  • How Long Does Smile Design Application Take?
    Although the duration of the smile design application varies according to the needs and wishes of the patient and the applications to be performed, it is usually completed in 3 sessions.
  • What are the Smile Design Treatment Methods?
    In smile design, all treatments used in dentistry can be used according to the needs of the patient. Applications generally used are; tooth whitening, laminated or zirconium coating, gingival aesthetics, filling, gingival recession treatment, implant and orthodontic treatments.
  • Why is Smile Design Important?
    A healthy and aesthetic smile directly affects social life, self-confidence and the general health of the person. Smile design produces longer-lasting and healthy results compared to individual aesthetic applications due to observing all aspects of oral and dental health and planning treatments in accordance with each other.
  • What is a Hollywood Smile? (+Hollywood Smile Aesthetics)
    Hollywood smile is another name for smile design treatment. It is named after the aesthetic smiles of Hollywood stars.
  • How is Zirconium Smile Design is done?
    It is a light-permeable material that can be used in zirconium coating and prosthetic teeth. It is frequently preferred since it has a similar appearance to natural teeth.

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